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YAKUT MAKİNA has been operating since 1969 as a designer, manufacturer and retailer of industrial conveyor systems as well as the provider of installation and post-sale maintenance services of installed systems. Our company has maintained its leading position in the industry as the premier “material handler” owing both to its extensive experience that has spanned across five decades and its engineering and manufacturing philosophy that prioritizes quality above everything else.

With a comprehensive and diverse arsenal of customized products, a veteran R&D project division and proven machinery, YAKUT MAKİNA is equipped to cater to a wide range of customers from various industries. Our conveyor system designs are custom engineered to be in tune with the unique requirements of the clients as well as the properties of the goods that they will carry. Our meticulous production process yields systems that have extensive lifetimes thanks to the high-end raw materials and a painstaking quality control program that is involved at every stage of the production process.

Always in pursuit of pushing the envelope on our high-quality manufacturing, YAKUT MAKİNA energetically meets the ever evolving needs of its customers.


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