Cardanic Conveyors

Our overhead chain conveyors are classified into cardanic and I-beam types as their designs are based on conveying their load above the ground level and hanging down from the system. These systems can operate in extreme temperatures and come in numerous customizable configurations thanks to various attachment kits available.

Cardanic overhead conveyor systems are favored by numerous diverse industries due to their minimal maintenance requirements. These conveyors offer a great solution for the handling of light to medium-weight goods while they stand out for their cost effectiveness and the ability to work with high precision. Our standard production offers three different models; YM K30, YM K38 and YM K45.

I-Beam overhead conveyors are generally preferred for their high load capacity. Relatively simple and robust structures, combined with the ease of assembly and maintenance are the prominent features of these types of conveyors. Our standard offering comes in three dimensions, being 3”, 4” and 6″ with various load capacities.


Product details

Carrying Capacity : Max. 100 kgs/hanger
Operating Temperature : Up to 225 °C
Maintenance Requirements : Low